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How To: Keeping Your Email Secure

Follow these tips to help keep your email and personal information safe. Email has become one of the main sources of communication for many people. However, that does not mean everyone knows how to safely communicate through email. To help ensure that all of your personal and business information stays safe, keep these email security […]

How To Stay Safe Online

Internet Security Each time you open a web browser on your computer, you may be being watched. From government tracking to common hackers, what you do online may be monitored. While there is no way to completely protect yourself from Big Brother while online, there are some steps that you can take to stay a […]

How To Properly Backup Your Computer

Computer Backup Tips A compromised computer, no matter if it was caused by a spill or a virus can be enough to ruin your entire work week. All of your bookmarks, projects, and pictures can be gone in an instant, which is why it is so important to make sure that you regularly backup your […]

Shut it Down? Or Put it to Sleep? Which is Better for Your Computer?

Computer Sleep Tips At the end of the workday, you have a big decision to make – should you turn off your computer? Or simply keep it on sleep mode? There has been a serious debate of which is better for your computer for many years. Keep these computer sleep tips in mind to help keep […]

Best Google Chrome Extensions For Your Business

Google Chrome Extensions The Internet is supposed to help streamline your life, no matter if you are looking up your hobbies or using it for work. However, the Internet can make your life much more complicated than it needs to be. Luckily, Google’s Chrome Browser has thousands of extensions that can work to streamline the […]

Defining, And Avoiding, Clickbait

Are You Falling For This New Tactic? In case you have not noticed, social media today is not just filled with posts from your friends. Instead, many social media sites are also welcoming sponsored posts (e.g. ads) and allowing your network to post links to other sites, blogs, and articles that might interest you. Some […]

How Does A GPS Work?

Understanding The Global Positioning System Have you ever been in the middle of using your Smartphone to route you to your destination and found yourself wondering how it works? GPS (Global Positioning System) use has become a commonplace in our technologically advanced lives, but many of us use it without actually understanding it. For this […]

Cleaning Your Computer This Spring

Take Advantage Of The Season To Care For Your Computer Spring cleaning has come yet again. It is the perfect time to deep clean your home, getting it ready for the warmer months. Throwing open the windows to your house is a great way to shake off the dust of winter, but those are not […]