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5 Things Every Small Business Should Have for Top Email Security

Email is heavily relied upon for fast and constant business communication. A blocked email, barrage of spam or opened virus attachment could mean a major problem for your company, slowing or stalling your productivity levels. Here are 5 things you should expect your email security to provide: Customized Filter – The right filtering will keep […]

Our Proactive Promise

When you outsource your IT services you greatly expand the services and functions available to your small business. Proactive Networks will: 1) Expand your exiting IT applications 2) Create remote access for employees, customers and suppliers 3) Provide technology troubleshooting and repair 4) Become your trusted expert resource for all your IT needs Of course, you need […]

Managed Services Avoid IT Problems

Among the common tech questions, “Why is managed services important?’ is one of the most popular. This question comes from “old school” people and tech gurus alike. Self-management of IT systems involve expensive technology troubleshooting and repairs. This doesn’t even consider the potential massive cost of system downtime. Having a managed services agreement eliminates most […]

Tips for disaster recovery to ensure business continuity

One of the main threats to any company is the after effects of a disaster and business continuity during the disaster recovery period. There should be a working plan in place to ensure your operations continue to run smoothly while handling other situations that may occur. Here are a few tips: Make sure there is […]

Passing the Time in Pasadena: April 2014 Events

Looking for ways to pass the time in Pasadena this month?  April has a packed lineup of local events, which promise everything from fresh produce to 80’s music and novelists.     T. Boyle’s Tavern hosts a throwback to the 80’s on Friday, April 11. Dale Bozzio will perform Missing Persons hits at the popular […]

The Motorola 360 Smartphone: Fashionable Design Meets New Android OS

Motorola and Google recently unveiled the Moto 360, a smartwatch that will feature a new Android OS developed exclusively for smartwatches and other wearable devices. Along with a simplified user interface that utilizes voice and gesture controls, the 360 is designed to make a fashion statement with its round face and high-quality materials. The 360’s face will feature sapphire glass […]

Keep Data Secure with Regular Back-ups

No matter what your company does, your business data is invaluable to its operations. If product stats, financial records, and customer information were to be lost, you could be forced back to square one in the building of your business. Even when major IT problems arise, with proper back-ups, you never have to worry about […]

Mandatory Tech: Must-Have Tools for Your Business

Many business owners view tech tools as something that provides an advantage. Technology isn’t always just beneficial, though. While some tech tools simply aid in reducing IT problems, others are essential to prevent them. These tools include: Antivirus software and firewalls A system to back up data Accounting software to send out professional invoices and […]

The Benefits of Wireless at Home AND at Work

Business owners these days often enjoy being able to work not only from the office but from home as well. This is all thanks to the wide availability of high speed wireless Internet. As a result, they find themselves in need of a business continuity service that allows them to take their work with them […]

Comparing Instagram Direct and Snapchat

In late 2013, the popular Instagram platform released a new application called Instagram Direct. This application operates similarly to the already popular Snapchat app, which allows users to take a photo and send it to a few select friends. While the apps are very similar in the sense they are focused on sending images to […]