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Do You Know What To Do With Your Old Phone?

Throwing away your old phone can be much more dangerous than you think. New smartphone technology is coming out every day, which can lead to your phone getting outdated in a matter of months. When you update your phone, you may not think twice about throwing away your old phone. However, wrongly disposing of your […]

3 Data Loss Prevention Systems To Consider

Choosing the right data loss prevention systems will help to keep your company secure. Finding that all of your data has been lost or compromised can be devastating to your company. From trying to find out what happened, to looking for ways to fix the issue, a major data loss can end up costing your […]

Where Cyber Security Is Headed

Cyber Security Advancements Using the terms “cyber security” and “data science” in the same sentence seemed very out of place until recently. Traditionally, cyber security solutions have been based on signatures, relying the matches to specific patterns that were previously identified malware to capture the attacks in real time. This has led to the use […]