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Do You Know What To Do With Your Old Phone?

Throwing away your old phone can be much more dangerous than you think. New smartphone technology is coming out every day, which can lead to your phone getting outdated in a matter of months. When you update your phone, you may not think twice about throwing away your old phone. However, wrongly disposing of your […]

The Future of Passwords

Password News Anytime you want to access your profile, no matter if it is your social media profile or your online banking profile, you have to input your password. While this may not seem like a big deal, it is very easy to forget your password, which could mean being locked out of your account. […]

Why is GoPro so Successful?

GoPros have significantly grown in popularity since the beginning of the company in 2004. The GoPro success is something of amazement in the tech world, since smart phones have made almost all of the things that the stand-alone GoPro Company can do. When GoPros were first introduced to the market, it brought back many thoughts […]