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Safely Disposing Of Old Computers

Incorrectly disposing of old computers can have serious repercussions. Old, outdated computers can take up tons of space in your house. If you are planning on updating your home office with new computers, it is vital that you take the time to properly dispose of your old computers to keep your sensitive information safe. Even […]

Identity Theft Tips For Kids

Adults are not the only ones who can fall victim to identity theft. Most people think identity theft is only an issue that adults have to worry about. However, kids are becoming the target of identity thieves more and more. Kids 19 years old an younger accounted for almost 10 perfect of identity theft in […]

Do You Know What To Do With Your Old Phone?

Throwing away your old phone can be much more dangerous than you think. New smartphone technology is coming out every day, which can lead to your phone getting outdated in a matter of months. When you update your phone, you may not think twice about throwing away your old phone. However, wrongly disposing of your […]

How To: Keeping Your Email Secure

Follow these tips to help keep your email and personal information safe. Email has become one of the main sources of communication for many people. However, that does not mean everyone knows how to safely communicate through email. To help ensure that all of your personal and business information stays safe, keep these email security […]

Creating The Perfect Password

Choosing The Right Password For Protection Chances are, you keep a lot of your personal information on your computer, even your work computer. While keeping all of your personal information on your computer can be convenient, it can also lead to identity theft if your computer is hacked, which could lead to serious problems for […]