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What You Need To Know About OnHub – Google’s New Router

Google Router Almost every home in America has a router for wireless Internet. However, routers tend to be unattractive and full of wires, which leads to them being hidden on the ground. Routers on the ground are not able to work as well, which means that your Internet strength is not where it should be. […]

What You Need To Know About WiFi Sense and Windows 10

Windows 10 and WiFi Sense The recent launch of Windows 10 has brought on tons of discussions about the new capabilities and features offered by the OS. While some of the features are upgrades to what was previously offered, others are already starting off controversial, including WiFi Sense, which was brought over from the Windows […]

How To Stay Safe Online

Internet Security Each time you open a web browser on your computer, you may be being watched. From government tracking to common hackers, what you do online may be monitored. While there is no way to completely protect yourself from Big Brother while online, there are some steps that you can take to stay a […]

Building The Right Internal Security System

Internal Security Tips While most companies only consider external hacks when dealing with security issues, there are many internal security issues that also have to be addressed to ensure the safety of your company. Knowing how to set up the proper internal security systems will help to ensure that you do not have to deal […]