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Do You Know What To Do With Your Old Phone?

Throwing away your old phone can be much more dangerous than you think. New smartphone technology is coming out every day, which can lead to your phone getting outdated in a matter of months. When you update your phone, you may not think twice about throwing away your old phone. However, wrongly disposing of your […]

Best Google Chrome Extensions For Your Business

Google Chrome Extensions The Internet is supposed to help streamline your life, no matter if you are looking up your hobbies or using it for work. However, the Internet can make your life much more complicated than it needs to be. Luckily, Google’s Chrome Browser has thousands of extensions that can work to streamline the […]

Defining, And Avoiding, Clickbait

Are You Falling For This New Tactic? In case you have not noticed, social media today is not just filled with posts from your friends. Instead, many social media sites are also welcoming sponsored posts (e.g. ads) and allowing your network to post links to other sites, blogs, and articles that might interest you. Some […]

Searching For The Best Search Engine

2015’s Standout Online Search Options The internet is moving faster than ever and offers more information than ever. Why is it, then, that sometimes you cannot find the answers to your questions? It could be the search engine you are using. To get the information you need on the quick timeline and clean interfacing you […]

How Does A GPS Work?

Understanding The Global Positioning System Have you ever been in the middle of using your Smartphone to route you to your destination and found yourself wondering how it works? GPS (Global Positioning System) use has become a commonplace in our technologically advanced lives, but many of us use it without actually understanding it. For this […]

How Intrusion Testing Can Help Your Business

Intrusion Testing Basics Chances are, you cannot run your business without the Internet. While you can install a firewall to help keep you safe, do you really know if it is enough protection? Once you install a firewall, there is maintenance that needs to be done to ensure that it continues working properly. Along with […]

What To Expect From Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 Announcements The highly anticipated Windows 10 operating system is almost here. After the failure of Windows 8, Windows 10 is expected to restore people’s faith. At a recent presentation, Microsoft showed off tons of different features that will be offered with Windows 10, including: Free upgrade – one of the most exciting announcements that […]

Why is GoPro so Successful?

GoPros have significantly grown in popularity since the beginning of the company in 2004. The GoPro success is something of amazement in the tech world, since smart phones have made almost all of the things that the stand-alone GoPro Company can do. When GoPros were first introduced to the market, it brought back many thoughts […]

5 Methods For Connecting Your Computer & TV!

  Do you have a television, and a computer, but are unsure of how to connect them? There are ways to make it so that your TV screen displays what you see on your computer and transfers the audio that goes with it! Here are a few methods that are available to you: Use an […]