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What To Expect From Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 Announcements The highly anticipated Windows 10 operating system is almost here. After the failure of Windows 8, Windows 10 is expected to restore people’s faith. At a recent presentation, Microsoft showed off tons of different features that will be offered with Windows 10, including: Free upgrade – one of the most exciting announcements that […]

Keep Data Secure with Regular Back-ups

No matter what your company does, your business data is invaluable to its operations. If product stats, financial records, and customer information were to be lost, you could be forced back to square one in the building of your business. Even when major IT problems arise, with proper back-ups, you never have to worry about […]

Mandatory Tech: Must-Have Tools for Your Business

Many business owners view tech tools as something that provides an advantage. Technology isn’t always just beneficial, though. While some tech tools simply aid in reducing IT problems, others are essential to prevent them. These tools include: Antivirus software and firewalls A system to back up data Accounting software to send out professional invoices and […]

The Benefits of Wireless at Home AND at Work

Business owners these days often enjoy being able to work not only from the office but from home as well. This is all thanks to the wide availability of high speed wireless Internet. As a result, they find themselves in need of a business continuity service that allows them to take their work with them […]

Comparing Instagram Direct and Snapchat

In late 2013, the popular Instagram platform released a new application called Instagram Direct. This application operates similarly to the already popular Snapchat app, which allows users to take a photo and send it to a few select friends. While the apps are very similar in the sense they are focused on sending images to […]

Preparing Your Business for the iWallet

What would a world without cash or even physical credit cards look like? We are getting closer to finding out with some advances recently announced by Apple. Developers have been working on perfecting the iWallet, a frictionless (no swipe) totally digital way to complete shopping and checkout at bricks and mortar locations. With a start […]

This Year’s Tech Bombshells: Issues that Will Change the Industry

The year 2014 will bring on many technological changes that will impact the way the Internet is used. These changes will affect not only individual web users, but businesses that rely on the Internet as well. One of the least surprising announcements in the tech industry, most likely, will be Apple’s announcement that sales have […]

Do you need Yelp?

One of the most common current business trends is placing your company on the Internet and presenting it on websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. Though these social networking sites are becoming the most popular way to advertise your business, sites such as Yelp may be another extremely beneficial place to advertise your […]

How to Blog for Your Business

Blogs are one of the more personable forms of social media on the web. Use this form of media to connect with your online community, while attracting potential clients. In order to connect with people outside of your network you need to give them a reason to check out, read and return to your blog. […]

Hardware As A Service Becoming More Popular

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is becoming as popular as SaaS (software as a service) programs. Just as SaaS allows companies to “pay as you go” instead of buying software up front, paying monthly for cutting-edge hardware prevents multiple IT problems and answers most tech questions. Using HaaS, with Microsoft certified hardware minimizes technology troubleshooting […]