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Defining, And Avoiding, Clickbait

Are You Falling For This New Tactic? In case you have not noticed, social media today is not just filled with posts from your friends. Instead, many social media sites are also welcoming sponsored posts (e.g. ads) and allowing your network to post links to other sites, blogs, and articles that might interest you. Some […]

How Does A GPS Work?

Understanding The Global Positioning System Have you ever been in the middle of using your Smartphone to route you to your destination and found yourself wondering how it works? GPS (Global Positioning System) use has become a commonplace in our technologically advanced lives, but many of us use it without actually understanding it. For this […]

Managed Services Avoid IT Problems

Among the common tech questions, “Why is managed services important?’ is one of the most popular. This question comes from “old school” people and tech gurus alike. Self-management of IT systems involve expensive technology troubleshooting and repairs. This doesn’t even consider the potential massive cost of system downtime. Having a managed services agreement eliminates most […]