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New Features added to Lync and Skype

If you use Lync or Microsoft 365, the latest update provides more ways that you can engage with people using the Lync-Skype connection. Lync-Skype connections now include best-of-breed audio, enterprise security, and video calling. Video calling opens up many options for businesses. Video calling opens up more personal ways for businesses to interact with customers […]

The Benefits of Unified Messaging for an Insurance Agency

There are many methods employees of an insurance agency use to communicate like e-mail, fax, instant messaging, voice messaging, conferences, and video. These various types of communications via different interfaces can be costly. Researchers estimate that as much as 85 percent of business revenue is spent on operational costs while only 4 percent is invested […]

Why an Insurance Agency Needs a Mobile Website

With the availability of WiFi enabled devices like laptops, tablets, phones and watches, having a mobile website is necessary for insurance businesses to stay relevant. A functioning and visually appealing mobile site allows your insurance agency to reach more potential customers. The statistics differ across industries, but Yelp reported that 55 percent of Web searches […]

More Screens, More Productive

If you want your office to run better, consider adding more monitors. Studies show that designers and IT professionals increase productivity when they use multiple monitors. Jon Peddie Research released survey results that showed increased in productivity over 40%, while other surveys put the results between 10% and 20% more productive. Either way, it helps […]

What Your Insurance Agency Gains By Using a Corporate Intranet

Setting up a corporate intranet has many advantages for insurance businesses. An intranet is a restricted computer network that only authorized users are allowed to access via security tools like passwords and user IDs. A corporate intranet keeps insurance documents private and is far more secure than internet correspondence like email. This makes team communication […]

Proactive Networks Combines IT Security with High-Technology Communication

The world is getting smaller every day, and technology is making it happen. People are having face-to-face conferences on computers as well as tablets and smartphones. This communication form helps office employees thousands of miles away from one another. Staff can conduct business as if they were in the same room with one another. Proactive […]

Online Predators–Why Your Insurance Agency Could Use Protection

There is a growing need for protection for any home or business in today’s online world. Hackers and predators are growing in abundance. Some businesses hire professional hackers to penetrate their systems to test their levels of security. In addition to testing security, every business needs to secure their networks. If you run a business, […]

How to Extend Your Computer’s Lifespan

Your company’s computers are expensive equipment that require proper maintenance and care to get the most from your investment. The following tips can help in extending your computer’s lifespan. 1. Computers don’t need to be constantly turned on and off. The frequent cycle of heating and cooling can actually shorten its lifespan. Shutting down once […]