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Do You Know What To Do With Your Old Phone?

Throwing away your old phone can be much more dangerous than you think. New smartphone technology is coming out every day, which can lead to your phone getting outdated in a matter of months. When you update your phone, you may not think twice about throwing away your old phone. However, wrongly disposing of your […]

How To Keep Your Information Secure

Online Backups No matter how well you secure and protect your company’s vital information, there is always a threat that it will be lost. Backing up all of your files and data can help to give you the peace of mind that you deserve. There are countless ways that your data and files can be […]

Le Us Help Your Insurance Agency

IT Specialists Insurance companies require a complex computer system within just one network, which requires a support partner that is able to understand the specific needs and software used in the insurance industry. At Proactive Networks, we are able to provide advanced network design, implementation, and management that we have tailored specifically to the insurance […]

How Well Is Your IT Working?

Importance Of IT Working with the right IT company is essential for every company, no matter the size. Using computers helps business work much more efficiently, but it also opens them up to serious issues. No matter how you use computers at your business, the importance of IT is proven every day and in many […]

Big Changes Coming For Google Cloud

Google Cloud Encryption Google recently announced that it will allow enterprise customers of one of its Cloud Platform services to use their own encryption keys to lock up their data if they are concerned that the company is looking at their corporate information. Google started offering companies that use their Compute Engine service the option […]

How Does A GPS Work?

Understanding The Global Positioning System Have you ever been in the middle of using your Smartphone to route you to your destination and found yourself wondering how it works? GPS (Global Positioning System) use has become a commonplace in our technologically advanced lives, but many of us use it without actually understanding it. For this […]

Data Storage Options 101

As a business owner, ensuring your business is protected is your number one priority. With nearly every company storing their data on technological devices, it is crucial that you have the peace of mind knowing your data is safely stored. Recent government regulations have led to an increased need for additional storage.  Depending on the […]

Keep Data Secure with Regular Back-ups

No matter what your company does, your business data is invaluable to its operations. If product stats, financial records, and customer information were to be lost, you could be forced back to square one in the building of your business. Even when major IT problems arise, with proper back-ups, you never have to worry about […]