What is Your IT Provider’s Response Time?

Call center.We have heard some crazy stories lately as we have brought some new clients on board.  One client said they waited up to a week sometimes to hear back from their IT provider.  We were shocked anyone would put up with this, as we think most issues should be addressed and solved in under an hour, and some need to be even faster than that.  The idea of waiting a week to even reply is so bad when it comes to IT support.

What could cause their response times to suffer so much?  We thought about this and we could only come up with two possible ideas.

  1.  They are way under staffed to try and make a profit (maybe they charge too little, or maybe they are super inefficient)
  2. They don’t know how to put together systems that don’t break all the time.

We had trouble thinking of other reasons any IT services company would take a week to reply to their customers.  It seems so strange.  Honestly, even a day is terrible.  It should be an hour or less.  Your business is way too important to just have problems that are not getting fixed in a timely manner.

If you find your current IT provider is too slow, we would love to show you the difference Proactive could make for your company.