Over 2 Million Facebook, Google, and Yahoo Passwords Found Stored on Hackers’ Servers

Think that your password is safe? You might want to think again. A team of researchers from a security firm that specializes in technology forensics and early fraud detection discovered that over 2 million passwords could have been stolen and saved by hackers and identity thieves.

The passwords – which all came from Facebook, Google, and Yahoo accounts – appear to have been stolen using a sophisticated malware software program. The malware program was downloaded onto computers and other devices when an individual visited a website.

Once the malware was on the computer, all the hackers had to do was enter a command and the malware would retrieve and archive passwords as they were entered into websites. This simple command allowed the hackers to easily retrieve up to 2 million passwords.

Worried that this type of thing could happen to you? Sending passwords straight into the hands of hackers can be prevented with a good antivirus program and regular scans for malware using malware detecting software.

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