Online Predators–Why Your Insurance Agency Could Use Protection

There is a growing need for protection for any home or business in today’s online world. Hackers and predators are growing in abundance. Some businesses hire professional hackers to penetrate their systems to test their levels of security. In addition to testing security, every business needs to secure their networks.

If you run a business, you need IT security. Some basics for security are:

  • Password Policies
    • Implement a strong password policy, encourage frequent password changes, and instruct employees to not share password
  • System Updates
    • Make sure that someone is monitoring and updating different systems and software. Hackers  become proficient in penetrating these programs.  Updated versions put you at less risk as hackers have less time to familiarize themselves with the programs.
  • Create Online Protocol For Your Employees
    • From email limitations to only visiting secure websites, make sure your employees know what they can and cannot do on a company computer.
  • Protect Yourself
    • Hire a company made just to secure your networks. Proactive Networks is an IT Security company based in California that offers business protection specifically for insurance agencies. If you feel that your insurance agency needs higher levels of IT security, contact Proactive Networks today.