Massive Internet Issues – a Sophisticated DDoS Attack

encryptsYesterday, if you tried to use Twitter, Netflix, Amazon, or other major sites, you may have been unable to access servers.  Many people were fearful this was something done by foreign governments.  The part that is concerning, is this was a DDoS hack that someone with relatively little hacking expertise can pull off.  It was based on some code released to the dark web, showing people how to take down massive players in the market.  It was resolved quickly, but that is because these companies hire the world’s best internet security experts.

Now, if we scale down, looking at smaller companies in Los Angeles, how would we fare with such an attack?  One of the most important thing for every business is to not be completely reliant on one service, but have what we call backups available to ensure data is protected.

What happened yesterday was similar to what happens in a crisis when everyone calls the people they know in an area and it makes all the phone circuits busy.  This code that was launched would “call” the servers from every device it infects, over and over, all at once…  making the server clogged and taking it down.

With the best security experts in the country, it still took about 6 hours to be back in the clear.  If their systems were not top notch and their people so talented, it could have been days or weeks.

When you look at your business, it is critical to know your data is protected.  Their are viruses, malware, ransomeware and other hostile hacking that happens everyday in Los Angeles.  We are here to help protect your data and thus protect your company.  If you are unsure how you would do if a server crashed, you should give us a call right away!