Keep Data Secure with Regular Back-ups

No matter what your company does, your business data is invaluable to its operations. If product stats, financial records, and customer information were to be lost, you could be forced back to square one in the building of your business. Even when major IT problems arise, with proper back-ups, you never have to worry about seeing the data you need to do business wiped out.

Routine Back-Ups Keep Data Safe

Performing regular back-ups is the most vital task in keeping business data secure, and you should never store back-ups where you store original data. If you back-up to a second hard drive, keep the drive at an off-site location, such as in a safety deposit box or a home safe. If you store your data in the cloud, make sure your back-ups go to a separate server, or, better yet, get service plans with more than one cloud host to ensure your data is always in more than one place.

When you have tech questions or need help with technology troubleshooting from Microsoft certified consultants in Pasadena, California, contact Proactive Networks. We’re a Microsoft registered partner who can help you get your back-ups in order to secure your business’s data.