Is My Email on a Blacklist?

manhackerHave you ever sent an email from your company, and the recipient says, “I didn’t get that email.”  It can be frustrating and when this happens, you may wonder if you are on a black-list of one type or another.

One of the nice tools you can use is called MX Toolbox.  With this tool you can see if there is a domain issue or a blacklist issue out there against your domain.  We check this regularly for ourselves.  It impacts people’s ability to get your emails as well as affects ranking on search engines.

Sometimes the issue isn’t a blacklist on the internet, but a firewall at the customer’s location that blacklists you.  With that, it is a simple process of having their IT person whitelist your domain on the firewall so they can get your email.

Having a blacklist issue is frustrating, so we are happy to help you if you are finding this issue is a problem for you.  We can look into your issue and see what it takes to get it cleared up.

We are here to help you with all items technology, including your email and your ability to communicate electronically with your client.