How To Prevent The CryptoLocker Virus

For internet and PC users there are always new threats to be aware of online. One of the newer malware viruses CryptoLocker, is a particularly nasty threat you should be aware of. Here you can learn how the virus works and what steps you can take to protect your data from being lost.

How Does CryptoLocker Work?

This particular type of virus is known as ransomware. The virus locks important files or systems on your computer and then requests that you pay a ransom to unlock the files. CryptoLocker is leading the way in a new resurgence of this type of virus.

The virus presents itself as a downloadable attachment in an email that you have to manually open. Once it is on your computer it will target a number of different types of extensions and then encrypt the file using a public key. From there it prompts you letting you know that the files have been encrypted and that a payment must be made in order to decrypt the files.

How You Can Prevent the Virus

There are several steps you can take to prevent something like this from happening to you. Be proactive and make sure you are thoroughly checking your emails and that you are only opening attachments from senders you know and trust.

It is a great idea to back up your data as well. If you are regularly backing up your data and do somehow become infected, you can easily wipe your hard drive and start over. You should also learn what to do if become infected. Have an action plan to limit the virus’ chance of spreading to other systems.

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