How to Extend Your Computer’s Lifespan

Your company’s computers are expensive equipment that require proper maintenance and care to get the most from your investment. The following tips can help in extending your computer’s lifespan.

1. Computers don’t need to be constantly turned on and off. The frequent cycle of heating and cooling can actually shorten its lifespan. Shutting down once a day or every other day will suffice.

2. Use your laptop on a hard, flat surface as opposed to your lap. This allows for air to circulate freely through the computer’s vents to avoid overheating.

3. Use surge protectors or simply unplug your computer during a storm to protect it against power surges.

4. Get regular maintenance from a professional computer repairman to keep your equipment running at top capacity.

5. Never eat or drink around your computer. Food and/or beverage spills can cause your equipment to malfunction.

6. Update your anti-malware program frequently to protect your equipment from viruses.

7. Use your equipment in a cool environment to avoid your computer overheating and causing problems.

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