Hiring the Right IT Consultant

You have a system that is killing employee productivity, and you want to ensure your IT is supporting your organizational needs. One example we saw was an accountant who was spending time finding their client files and when their clients would request forms they did over the year, the accountant would have to spend 10 to 15 minutes in some cases looking for the backup data.  They were using a lot of the paper people were bringing in, but not scanning and saving these documents to a secure server.  What this meant was each time the request came in, someone had to go fishing for the files so they could send the information their clients were requesting.

With a simple scanner and OCR software, Proactive was able to help them improve their efficiency.  They were not quite ready for document management, but they were ready to have an organized system. The benefit of this happened when one of the partners had surgery and was able to work from home because all of the documents were organized and accessible.

An IT Consultant’s job is to see what the problem your business is facing is and then applying technology to the problem to help ensure the problem is minimized or erased.  IT consulting isn’t done to just spend money on technology, but to find ways in which technology can aid a business in their goals and make life easier for them.

Like in farming, the tractor isn’t made to cost farmer’s jobs, it was made to make the job of farming easier and more efficient.  If you are not using technology in your business, you are like a farmer with a shovel in a field.  We want to help bring the tractor to you.

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