What You Need To Know About OnHub – Google’s New Router

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Google Router

Almost every home in America has a router for wireless Internet. However, routers tend to be unattractive and full of wires, which leads to them being hidden on the ground. Routers on the ground are not able to work as well, which means that your Internet strength is not where it should be. Luckily, Google has an answer to ugly, obtrusive routers with OnHub.

The design of OnHub has replaced all of the cords that stick out of traditional routers with internal antennas and useful lighting, so you will have no problem placing the device out in the open. When setting up OnHub, the device searches for the fastest connection and best channel. Smart software is always working in the background and will adjust automatically to avoid interference and keep your network working its best.

The router can be controlled by a smartphone app, available for both iPhones and Androids. The app will let you know how much bandwidth your devices are using at any moment. It also allows you to run a network check right from your phone. You can also prioritize your devices from the app so that your favorite device can get the bandwidth it needs for optimal performance.

While the mobile app comes with many helpful features, it also has some features that may lead to security issues with your router. The app allows you to reveal all passwords with a simple tap and will also let you pass on the passwords to friends with an email or text.

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