Google Maps Is Working Offline

Navigation map with red empty pin pointer and tilt-shift effect

Google Map Upgrade

Google Maps is used by thousands of people each day. While the app is very convenient for those who are traveling in urban areas, it can be very difficult to find where you are going with no service. Google has found a way to solve this problem by announcing that they will be offering users access to Google Maps when their phone is offline.

Users of the app already have the option to save maps that they can pull up later. The new upgrade will feature many important and useful abilities, such as finding hours of operations, reading reviews, and getting turn by turn directions.

The new features of the app are especially crucial for anyone who spends time in places that have limited cell service or internet connections. While it may seem like an issue that you will not have to face in today’s world, there are plenty of areas that have scarce service, which can lead to you being stranded without any knowledge of where you are. If you forgot to save the map that you were looking at, being able to work offline can help to ensure that you are able to get to your desired location.

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