Keep Your Email Secure With These Tips

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Email Safety

Email is a vital part of any business. While it allows employees to easily communicate with others as well as clients, it also opens the door to online dangers. Working with a secure email system can help to ensure that your company is able to operate safely and efficiently.

At Proactive Networks, we offer bulletproof email solutions that will help to guarantee your email services while protecting you from spam, viruses, and malware. Our email solutions can provide your company with many necessary services, including:

Simple administration

  • No software or hardware that needs to be installed
  • Users can manage their own spam with Spam Quarantine Reports
  • Complete control for administrators through the role-based permissions

Security filtering

  • State of the art filtering system that is based on virus, spam, and attachment filtering
  • More than a 99 percent capture rate for spam
  • Disaster Recovery system for 5 days with notification

Message compliance and archiving

  • Compliant solutions for SEC, SOX, FINRA/NASD, HIPPA, and many more
  • Quickly deployed solutions to meet specific compliance standards

When you choose to host your email with Proactive Networks, you will have access to the support you need, any day of the year, at any time. You will also have access to unlimited mailbox storage, mobile device synchronization, Akamai-enabled performance optimization, and much more.

For more email security tips to ensure that your email system is not the weak spot in your company, contact Proactive Networks in Pasadena, California.