Do We Need a CRM?

crm customer relationship managementOne of the progressions for most businesses is when they go from remembering all their clients and everyone knowing who they are to realizing they have a dire need for a CRM.  This generally happens as the company grows or they have more clients.  What is a CRM?  CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager or Client Relationship Manager.  This software is designed to help you remember everything you do with the client.  It could be the last contact, whose territory the client is in, when their birthday is, what opportunities you have with them, when was the last email sent to them, etc.

The idea is we are busy and a CRM is more a less a personal assistant whose job is to make sure we don’t lose track of our most valuable assets, our clients.

There are industry standards like Dynamics and Salesforce, or smaller niche ones like Highrise, Capsule, Nutshell, or Zoho.  All in all, most are pretty good.  There are also older systems like ACT! or Goldmine some people are used to.  We believe the most important decision when it comes to a CRM is the one that makes you use it.

Most can help you put things in a sales order, store documents, and connect to email so you can track all of your emails per client.  We would be lost without a CRM, and suggest any business have one, because they are so cheap and so helpful.

We would love to chat with you more about this, or your network support.  Give us a call to learn how Proactive can help your business.