3 Data Loss Prevention Systems To Consider

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Choosing the right data loss prevention systems will help to keep your company secure.

Finding that all of your data has been lost or compromised can be devastating to your company. From trying to find out what happened, to looking for ways to fix the issue, a major data loss can end up costing your company hundreds or thousands of dollars. When it comes to preventing data loss at your company, there are three types of protection to consider, including:

  1. In motion protection – which applies when any sensitive data is in transit on any type of network. It will typically depend on having strong enough encryption technologies and tools to help mitigate the risk of eavesdropping while lowering the probability of a successful decryption attack. The more valuable the data is, the stronger encryption you will need.
  2. In use protection – which will apply when any sensitive data is used by applications for service delivery. It will typically depend on the type of user authentication that is needed to establish identity for anyone who is requesting to access the data as well as access control systems that have the ability to deny or permit any requests based on the user identity, role, job, and security policy. This data is usually encrypted at all times to prevent any unauthorized access.
  3. At rest protection – which will apply to the data as it is being stored in any kind of continuous storage medium. This will generally involve access controls that will limit the access to programs to users who have a legitimate need to access the information while tracking all users who access the data.

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