The Critical Importance of Consistent Data Backup

Data Protection Design Flat ConceptThis is one of those posts we wish everyone would read and take to heart.  One of the most consistently neglected areas of IT is having data backups done on a regular basis and testing backups to ensure they actually work and getting all the data.

We are not here to lecture our clients, so we try and not take too rigid of a position on most items.  This happens to be one area we will fight for because it can mean the very survival of a client.

We see people who call because they thought their data was good and a server crashed or a computer crashed and the IT team tells them all the data is lost.  How can this be, they think?  We have spent months on these projects, or all our billing is on that server.  In a situation like this, sorry isn’t an answer.  Sometimes a data restoration specialist can get the data back off the drives, at costs of thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.  Why not just set up a proper and well working backup in the first place.

A website is not backed up properly if it takes days to restore it,  any of our sites could be down and restored under 5 minutes.  A server should have the same kind of reliability,  If it goes down, the IT professional should just be like, OK, let me restore the backup.  Will take about 10 minutes or 2 hours, or whatever depending on the size of the restore.  If they are of the mindset it may be hard to get, that is a huge issue.  Most businesses go out of business if they have a catastrophic loss of data.  We don’t want your business to be one of these.  Your email, accounting, contracts, sales, and web info should always always be protected.

It is good to test backups on a regular basis.  Again, if they are set up well, it is a minor amount of work to test the integrity of the backups.

If you are unsure what your data backup situation is, please give us a call!