Computer’s Going Super Slow

One complaint IT professionals get on a regular basis is “my computer is going super slow.”  This isn’t an issue with just one possible cause, but could be a myriad of things.

Generally the first step in trouble shooting the issue is determining if the computer is slow, OR if certain applications are running slow.  For example, if all the local stuff loads quick and seems to work well, but the web is super slow, that could be more of an ISP issue than a computer issue.

If the computer is running slow, we like to see how many programs are running.  Some people have a tendency to run every program on their computer and never shut down anything.  If these programs take a lot of memory, then yes, the computer can slow down.  The solution is simple, get more RAM or close some programs.

If the computer is slow and there are not a bunch of programs open, it could be the hard drive is having troubles or is almost full.  You can check your drive to make sure you have space (we like to see at least 1/3 of the drive being empty.  If the drive looks good, maybe it is having issues.  There are tests on hard drive testing programs that can be ran.

The other thing that commonly slows a computer is malware.  This can cause a lot of processes to run in the background.

Ultimately, an IT professional can almost always help tell you why the computer is running slow in a few minutes.  If you have been putting up with it for months, you may want to reach out to them or get a new IT professional.