Comparing Instagram Direct and Snapchat

In late 2013, the popular Instagram platform released a new application called Instagram Direct. This application operates similarly to the already popular Snapchat app, which allows users to take a photo and send it to a few select friends. While the apps are very similar in the sense they are focused on sending images to friends, there are some notable differences.

For starters, Instagram Direct’s photos do not automatically delete after having been viewed for ten seconds. Instead, they stay saved into the sender’s and recipient’s accounts. Furthermore, while both apps allow for captions to be added to photos, Snapchat remains the only platform that allows users to draw on the photos before sending them.

Furthermore, Instagram Direct comes equipped with a direct messaging service, which Snapchat still lacks. This allows friends to message back and forth without necessarily having to send a photo in the process. A messaging feature is something Snapchat may want to consider adding in the near future in order to compete with Instagram Direct.

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