Best Google Chrome Extensions For Your Business

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Google Chrome Extensions

The Internet is supposed to help streamline your life, no matter if you are looking up your hobbies or using it for work. However, the Internet can make your life much more complicated than it needs to be. Luckily, Google’s Chrome Browser has thousands of extensions that can work to streamline the time that you spend online. Make sure to download these Chrome extensions that can help you out.

  • Earth View – every time you open a new tab page, Earth View will give you a random satellite image from Google Earth. It will also tell you the location so that you can take a break from whatever you are doing to take a tour of a new part of the world.
  • Lazarus – Lazarus will automatically save any webform inputs, which means that if you accidentally hit the back button on your browser after writing a long, important email, it will be saved.
  • Save Text to Google Drive – as one of the most popular Google Drive extensions, you can save the text of any article, such as a news article, to your Drive to read later. It will not save with any banner ads or videos to ensure that you are able to peacefully read the article.
  • Black Menu – a small pop-up menu window in the corner of your browser, Black Menu gives you access to YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, and your Drive while you are still viewing other web pages and performing various tasks. It helps you keep an eye on your email while you are reading news articles or watching a video.
  • Currently – if you spend hours on your computer, Currently gives you on demand access to the two most important pieces of information that you need – the weather and time.

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