4 New Technologies That Can Help Out This School Year

Back to school chalkboard sketch Vector illustration

Back To School Tech Tips

With the new school year getting underway, it is the perfect time to make sure that you have everything you need for a successful year. While traditional back to school shopping meant stocking up on pens and paper, it now means getting your hands on the latest technology. Look out for these back to school tech tools that can help you make it through the school year.

  1. HGST Touro S 1TB portable hard drive – there are few worse feelings in college than trying to print out a research paper, only to have your computer crash. This portable hard drive weighs just 5 ounces and can back up all of your papers and other important information so that you are not left asking for a deadline extension after your computer crashes.
  2. iKlip Grip phone tripod/stabilizer – the best way to document all the fun that you are having in college is with your phone, since chances are you always have it with you. This tripod/stabilizer is perfect for taking pictures of your new best friends or video chatting with your loved ones back home.
  3. New smartpen N2 – while this pen comes with a high price tag, around $170, it will capture digital copies of anything that you write down or draw. Working with special notebooks and either an iOS or Android app, you can convert your handwriting into plain text, helping to make your notes searchable.
  4. Scholly: Scholarship Search app – available for both iPhones and Android, this 99 cent app can help you pay for college. You simply enter the filters that match with your situation and it will return a list of scholarships that you can qualify for.

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