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Swing deep into your soul: Benefits of golfing

Golfing has many benefits, both physical and mental, associated with the playing the game. A round of golf gets the blood flowing, refreshes you and takes your mind off day-to-day worries. That is why many employers take employees out for an early morning or afternoon round of golf. Benefits of golfing include: Imagination: Golfers need […]

Over 2 Million Facebook, Google, and Yahoo Passwords Found Stored on Hackers’ Servers

Think that your password is safe? You might want to think again. A team of researchers from a security firm that specializes in technology forensics and early fraud detection discovered that over 2 million passwords could have been stolen and saved by hackers and identity thieves. The passwords – which all came from Facebook, Google, […]

Is A Cloud Agency Management System Right For Your Business?

With cloud services more popular than ever before, it is important that you keep all your files and services straight. That’s where cloud management technology comes into play. With the right cloud management service, you will be able to do all of this and also train your trusted staff to do the same. Most cloud […]

The Best Mobile Apps for Insurance Agents

Technology offers insurance agents ever improving field mobility to make the most of their client-agent services. One of the most successful forms of mobile technology that bridges the gap between insurance agencies and customers is through the use of digital applications typically referred to as apps. Here at Proactive Networks we provide clients with resources regarding […]

HIPPA Compliance and Security Concerns

HIPPA compliance means that a company’s software meets or exceeds the rules and regulations required by the federal government to protect the confidential information of patients and clients within its systems. The federal government has mandated that a patient’s personal and confidential medical information must be secured and protected against outside sources that could possible […]

How To Prevent The CryptoLocker Virus

For internet and PC users there are always new threats to be aware of online. One of the newer malware viruses CryptoLocker, is a particularly nasty threat you should be aware of. Here you can learn how the virus works and what steps you can take to protect your data from being lost. How Does CryptoLocker Work? This particular […]

BYOD: What Does It Mean?

When people are at work, they like to do things their own way as much as possible. Individual companies also like to save as much as they can. Many companies are turning to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies as a supposed win-win solution. Employees feel less restricted than they do on company issued laptops or […]

Windows 8 — Is it for you?

You’ve probably heard about Windows 8 and wonder: “Is this new operating system right for me?” The answer isn’t simple. This edition of Windows was designed from the ground up to work for today’s computer needs. This means it works seamlessly on tablets as well as standard computers. While this is great for many users, […]

Increase business profit, productivity with business systemization

Business systemization may be what your business needs to increase profits and productivity. It also increase employee job satisfaction while reducing expenses. Business systemization is the process used to organize everything, including documents. Once completed, all employees understand how things are accomplished, eliminating confusion and increasing productivity. Tips for systemization includes: Do not do it […]