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Choosing an IT Services Company in Los Angeles

If you are a small or mid sized business in Los Angeles, you may have thought about outsourcing your IT department.  This can be a great plan for many companies, because the cost of a staff member is often more expensive than the cost of a service plan.  The even better part, when you do […]

Disabling Java – A Good Idea?

One of the security measures a company can take to help keep malware and threats at a minimum is to lock Java out of their system, or disabling Java.  Java has had a long history of holes and blunders when it comes to security, though Oracle is certainly working on improving the product. Here is how […]

IT Services in Los Angeles

Is your company ready to take a leap forward, but your IT is holding you back?  If you are running a business, you understand how important technology is to your success.  From having a working website, to email that works consistently, to phones, to computers, to accounting, technology is what keeps everything moving.  If the […]

Managed IT in Los Angeles

Having a computer network is essential to any business.  Our business is ensuring your IT is running smoothly.  When we walk into a Los Angeles business, we often find the network is a complete disaster or has been neglected for years.  Sometimes, in a non-critical data environment, it can work out fine for the business […]

Amazing IT Support in Los Angeles

Are you getting tired of your computers or your servers being down all the time.  Do you dream of the day you are not on line for an hour a day trying to get computer systems you paid an arm and a leg for to work?  Our specialty is helping business owners have an IT […]

How to Manage New Technology

Managing newer technology could be said to be a lot like a pioneer who treks across the country for a newer life. The entire process can become tedious, uncertain and it requires vision and resourcefulness. Having this journey starts with a dream, but there are things along the way that can interfere with your progress. […]

How to Manage the Latest Technology

Nowadays, you cannot turn on the news without learning about some type of new technology for the phone, PDA, computer or car. These are just the personal-use devices, but technology has been advancing at such a rapid rate that it can sometimes prove difficult to keep up with it. Knowing what you need to implement […]

Survey Shows That 88% Laying Out the Welcome Mat for Hackers

According to a survey from Ponemon Institute, around 88 percent of employees use their mobile devices to access sensitive data. Nevertheless, only 20 percent have been given training related to mobile security. Have you ever wondered why mobile security remains in such a sorry state? The biggest reason for this is because employers have allowed […]

When to Hire a CIO

A CIO or Chief Information Officer provides a large amount of value to almost any business whether large or small. Not only do they set the standards for technology, they can help you keep a closer eye on your future. Many times, small businesses have struggled with supporting this position because they have had a […]