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Best IT Services Company in Los Angeles

If you are in Los Angeles and considering transferring out of the business model where you hire an IT staff and outsource this work to specialists, you will certainly want to ensure you have the best company for your business. When looking at IT Services company, it is not realistic to take the perspective that […]

What is Your IT Provider’s Response Time?

We have heard some crazy stories lately as we have brought some new clients on board.  One client said they waited up to a week sometimes to hear back from their IT provider.  We were shocked anyone would put up with this, as we think most issues should be addressed and solved in under an […]

The Critical Importance of Consistent Data Backup

This is one of those posts we wish everyone would read and take to heart.  One of the most consistently neglected areas of IT is having data backups done on a regular basis and testing backups to ensure they actually work and getting all the data. We are not here to lecture our clients, so […]

Do We Need a CRM?

One of the progressions for most businesses is when they go from remembering all their clients and everyone knowing who they are to realizing they have a dire need for a CRM.  This generally happens as the company grows or they have more clients.  What is a CRM?  CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager or […]

Is My Email on a Blacklist?

Have you ever sent an email from your company, and the recipient says, “I didn’t get that email.”  It can be frustrating and when this happens, you may wonder if you are on a black-list of one type or another. One of the nice tools you can use is called MX Toolbox.  With this tool […]

Computer’s Going Super Slow

One complaint IT professionals get on a regular basis is “my computer is going super slow.”  This isn’t an issue with just one possible cause, but could be a myriad of things. Generally the first step in trouble shooting the issue is determining if the computer is slow, OR if certain applications are running slow. […]

Hiring the Right IT Consultant

You have a system that is killing employee productivity, and you want to ensure your IT is supporting your organizational needs. One example we saw was an accountant who was spending time finding their client files and when their clients would request forms they did over the year, the accountant would have to spend 10 […]

Massive Internet Issues – a Sophisticated DDoS Attack

Yesterday, if you tried to use Twitter, Netflix, Amazon, or other major sites, you may have been unable to access servers.  Many people were fearful this was something done by foreign governments.  The part that is concerning, is this was a DDoS hack that someone with relatively little hacking expertise can pull off.  It was […]

How Security Figures Into Your Computer Plans

Some companies try and save money on their IT and ignore security, thinking nothing bad will happen to them.  If this is you and you have a business in the Los Angeles area, we would strongly suggest you think about your security on your network.  We have some of the best security you can get […]

Business Phones in Los Angeles

Do you need a new business phone system in Los Angeles?  Our group helps businesses in Los Angeles get phone systems that not only save them money, but also have the best uptime and call quality.  We work with technology that makes your systems perform perfectly.  Our data team looks at your internet, your computer […]