What You Need To Know Before Buying A Tablet Through Amazon

Man with tablet computer reading news at motning in cafe

Certain tablets being sold on Amazon are coming with preloaded malware that cannot be deleted.

Amazon is one of the most convenient ways to get whatever you need. With one-day shipping, you don’t even have to brave the masses at the mall to cross off all of your holiday gifts. However, if you are looking for a new tablet, you may want to jump in your car and head to the store instead of going through Amazon.

Many users are complaining that the tablets that are being sold on Amazon are being delivered with pre-installed malware which can delete users’ apps. If you are looking for a Google Nexus tablet or iPad, don’t worry. The malware is only being reported on “no brand” tablets that are built in China.

Most tablets are being affected by a particular Trojan called “Cloudsota.” Cloudsota has the ability to silently install malware or adware on the table while uninstalling anti-virus apps. It can also replace boot wallpapers and animation on certain devices with advertisements while changing the browser’s homepage to strange ad pages.

The devices that are affected are simply “fulfilled” by Amazon but sold by third party sellers. This means that Amazon holds the stock in the warehouses but does not have any other connection to the tablets.

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